PO With LP & Discount

How can I have A PO with LP & Discount?
When I use the Last Purchase rate button it only displays net rate but not LP & discount per unit item
Most of my products are price listed hence when discounts vary for a item I need to show it properly on PO

I have just tested the feature. It fetches all last price_list_rate, discount and rate in my case.

The Problem is not in fetching
Say I have ordered an Item it’s LP was 100 and discount was 50% then when I make first PO it shows 100 as LP and Discount 50% and Net amount payable 50%

The Next time when same item is loaded it just take LP as 50 and discount 0 whereas I want it to show like the first time only

As you can see below in screen shot
I checked Item Pricelist does not record in item pricelist

Also Note the Price list rate is the discounted value instead of LP

I added two custom field called List Price & discount to
Purchase Order Item & Item Pricelist but it’s not pulling data from database not it’s effecting any calculation in case I manually fill them

Please advice way forward

To pull those field’s value, you need write custom code. It will not fetch automatically

“Get last purchase rate” button does not work that way. It fetches last price list rate, discount and rate from last submitted PO/PR, not from the current one.

Yes If It can pick Last LP & Discount it’s fine for me but it does not pick the same as it does not record LP & Discount in Standard Buying pricelist.
It picks up Discounted prices ie = LP-Discount% price

Can you please point me to a script that I can write to pickup the values from custom pricelist

No, it does not store the last purchase rate in Standard Buying price list. You have to click on “Get last purchase rate” button under the item table to get the last purchase rate with discount details. It finds the last purchase rate on runtime when you click the button.