PO wont fetch rate from Price List

Good day All,

I am having an issue, which may have a very simple fix but I am new to ERPNext and my searching is not getting me a solution. I’ve added items to my stock, suppliers, price list for each supplier. When I go to create a PO and I select the supplier and required date the currency and price list assigned to the supplier would be set on the PO but when I go and add an item the price remains 0.00 evening though I have the rate set on that price list for that supplier. Can someone point me in the right direction


I believe just setting the price list for the item would work. So I generally go to the item, click ‘View’ on the top right, ‘Add/Edit prices’, and then add it to my prices list there.

Is your price list for both buying and selling?

I created a price list just for that supplier and set it to buying. The used the add/edit prices to enter all the prices. Since I want that price list for purchasing the supplier I have it set to buying only.

I just decided to use the original standard buying price list and the feature works where it would pull the price for the item from the standard buying list. The question now is why isn’t it working will my other custom list?

Did you tag the custom price list in the Supplier master as shown below?

If this is done, while creating the Purchase Order, check which price list is fetched in the Currency and Price list section of the PO.

Hi, yes the price list for that supplier was set in the supplier master so when I choose the supplier on PO the one currency I use and price is automatically loaded but still the rate won’t populate, it seems to only work with the standard buying list that came in the VM.

Kindly check in Item Price if the correct Price List is set.

If not, then create a new item price . and set the price list. For each item you can have multiple Item Price with different Price Lists.

Once this is set, also check which price list is getting fetched in the PO/PI. Maybe that will help us understand the issue better.

Hi again, so I think I didn’t follow your instructions to the T. but what I did was delete all the prices in that price list that was giving me the issue then I deleted the price list it self and created a new one then I created a PO from a material request and entered the rates and selected the new pricelist of that PO. When I saved the PO it populated the new pricelist and then I retested with another PO and it pulls the rate from the new pricelist. All that said I believe that the issue was with the item price master, the price list there was probably set to some blank list. Thank you for your guidance!