POC: Coupon in Point of Sale

We are developing a proof of concept, for implementing coupon support in POS. We believe it’s critical for true omnichannel promotions. We have released our first, very early version of code in Github. It is already usable and we are planning to deploy it into production in the next 2 weeks in a very basic form.

I feel there will be a lot of people in the community who may have valuable inputs. Or even point to some efforts that are in progress.

Current Implementation:

Provides a button within pos to apply coupons from within the Point of Sale in ERPNext. Coupons can be created from the native coupon functionality in ERPNext used for eCommerce at http://[your-erp-domain.com]/desk#List/Coupon%20Code/List

What works:

  • Create coupons of any type. (Promotional or Gift Card)
  • Apply a coupon in POS by clicking App Coupon.
  • Restrict coupon(gift card) to a single customer by linking a customer.

Known limitations:

  • Coupon only works in POS with offline mode enabled.
  • Coupon limit settings are not fully implemented. Coupons can be used beyond the allowed limit.
  • Coupon currently only supports Percentage Discount & Amount Discount in pricing rule linked to the coupon.




Can I ask why you only supported the offline POS?

In ERPNext 12, offline pos and online pos are not sharing the same code base. Our requirement that motivated us to start this effort was for offline POS.

Going forward we want to try achieve the below objectives:

  1. Add support for all rules in pricing rules originally supported by Coupon in e-commerce.
  2. Add support for online pos.
  3. Try re-use coupon related functions used by e-commerce.
  4. Release a version for ERPNext 13.
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Good job guys

Note that there is no offline PoS in version 13


Thanks. We are aware of it. @olamide_shodunke