Point of Purchase - Proposal

We find that in our company, many small purchases happen with cash. However, once the purchase has been made physically, the user still has to sit down and enter the items, in the old fashioned way:

  1. Create an Item if non-existent in ERPNext
  2. Add the supplier if non-existent in ERPNext
  3. Create a Purchase Order with items from specific supplier
  4. Convert purchase Order to purchase receipt
  5. Convert purchase receipt to purchase invoice
  6. At some point register payment made to supplier

My idea is to setup a copy of the Point Of Sale and name it Point Of Purchase, so that we can abbreviate the process above to do the following:

  1. Create an Item if non-existent in ERPNext
  2. Add the supplier if non-existent in ERPNext
  3. Add items to purchase invoice / receipt, select form of payment and validate all at same time

Obviously, a POP profile would be set up, so that only specific people can freely register purchases.
The POP screen looks like the POS where the user can visually tap items by image, or enter their code or name for quick addition to the list.

The idea is to use this module on the mobile phone or tablet, for spur-of-the-moment urgent purchasing, or informal settings like a market. This would simplify data entry to encourage keeping cash accounts up-to date.

I will engage in this project later down the year, but if someone has already done this, it would be great to hear opinions.



Sounds like a nice new project :slight_smile:

For now, you can make commonified Purchase Receipt, Invoice and Payment Entry from the Purchase Invoice itself.

In the Purchase Invoice, check field “Update Stock” to have stock inward entry made.

Check Is Paid field, so that payment related postings can also be done on the submission of Purchase Invoice itself.

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Thanks for the explanation on that matter, it had not occurred to me to use it that way!



You are right if you want to track inventory of " everything"…
The small purchases, I enter quite straightforward, even if there are multiple items…
Purchase Invoice, under description I summarize what I bought, quantity I set standard to 1, enter price total without VAT price of the invoice, select account.
Select correct tax template…Save…Submit…Make payment…
Problem arises if the different articles have different VAT…

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