Point Of Sale Identification

How Can we identify POS(Point of Sale) Is Working For Which Pos Profile (in the case if we have multiple Pos Profile)

in the time of opening it’s asking only for company Name
please Suggest me …


Hi @nikhil1

Are you using online POS? If yes, then type “cur_frm.doc.pos_profile” in console log

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Thank You sir

i am getting The pos profile name

but i have one doubt sir

  1. if i have 2 pos profile test1 and test2.and if company name is same for both of the profile that time
    which pos profile it will select …because when i am opning point of sale its asking only for company name and company name is same for both pos profile

one more question i have can we enable multiple pos profile at a time

Do you have multiple company in your account?


Set default company in Global Defaults and check

okey sir ,
i will try