Point of sale make draft sales invoice

after make pay to Point of sale, i go to sales invoice to check the invoice and i found it in Draft status not Paid. ?!

This is very Important, thank you

Hi @Hanigameel888

Did you got any error during submission of draft invoice?
Kindly pull latest update and check, this issue is already fixed

Thanks, Rohit

thank you

HI all

I am having the same problem… I just did bench update on January 20 th.

As a Administrator, I can do POS and that sales invoice will be in ‘Paid’ status.
But as an another role with all permissions, the sales invoices generated will be in "Draft’ status.
And I can’t also submit that sales invoice showing that the item is not in stock.

Just Searching why then Administrtor could do this?
ANy one know how to solev this issue.