Point to a page

Hi all

i would like to know if possible to change the url in web site settings top bar to a page already created in a custon app.


If I understand correctly:
to use the top bar, you’ll need to do few things:
1- go to Doctype List and open the doctype you wish to display in the website
2- At the bottom of the page, you should make sure that ‘Has Web View’ is checked and ‘is Published’ is set properly. Once saved, copy the value inside ‘route’.
3- Go to ‘Website Settings’ and inside the child table ‘Top Bar’, add a new row with the name and URL(paste the route here)
Now from the website, you should see a link in the top bar linked to your doctype.

thank you @mel_erp but i would like to page instead of doctype


In that case, you’ll need to create a ‘Webpage’. When you will set the route, you just need to copy it and paste it in a new row in the ‘top bar’ (Website Settings).

but you said that the page is already created in a custom app. You created the html?