[Poll] Frappe/ERPNext Messenger

Hello everyone.

I thought a while ago about creating a messenger app/plugin for Frappe/ERPNext and I was wondering how useful will it be for others.
So, I decided to create this post, hoping that you will tell me to proceed or not and whether the idea is good or not.


The app/plugin is meant to help users communicate with each other instantly from within Frappe/ERPNext.


  • Mobile-first interface (UI)
  • Navbar dropdown list of open conversations and users (contacts)
  • Sending messages and files through the popup dialog from any page without leaving
  • Group conversations with more than one user
  • New message undistracting notification with sound
  • Urgent messages that pops out immediately (Permission required)
  • Allow or Deny specific roles and/or users from communicating with you (Permission required)
  • Report messages and conversations to be flagged by System Admins or Moderators

As @federico_calvo mentioned, this app/plugin is similar to Frappe/Chat and it can be an improved version of it.

  • How useful can a messenger app/plugin be for you?
  • 4 - Very useful
  • 3 - Somewhat useful
  • 2 - Maybe useful
  • 1 - Not that useful
  • 0 - Not useful at all

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If this app/plugin is found useful to others, any contribution in any part will be be appreciated.


Hi, while I don’t fully understand this type of post, a lot of it is already covered by GitHub - frappe/chat: Modern Chat App for Frappe.

You can continue directly with that application to polish what is missing.


@federico_calvo Thank you for your reply. Frappe Chat is for guests messaging with the administration, while this is for users only, like Sales Manager messaging with other Sales employees.

Its for users too. Its like the old Frappe chat message, but with the posibility to interact with guests in the web.


@federico_calvo Well, although I have checked Frappe Chat before but I haven’t noticed that it can be used for users. Thanks for pointing that out :grinning:.

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