POP3 Accidental Delete

My Boss accidentally deleted his email from ERPNEXT and it was configured via POP3.

I tried restoring the deleted email document, but the emails were gone

Please is there a way to get all his Emails back?

Hey @gpoint,
you should be able to restore them with a backup of the database. I think you could then isolate all docs from the communication doctype and also his email account doc and restore them via Bench. This way, the other doctypes don’t get reset to the time of the backup, only your mails.

But this is only theoretically since I haven’t tried something like this before. Maybe someone else can point out a better solution.

Please where can I get a backup of the database?

Do you have a self-hosted installation of ERPNext or are you on a cloud-installation?

please follow this step.

root@vmi417656:~# gunzip /home/suresh/20200831.sql.gz
root@mypc417656:~# su frappe
frappe@mypc417656:/root$ cd
frappe@mypc417656:~$ cd frappe-bench
frappe@vmi417656:~/frappe-bench$ bench --site mysite.com --force restore /home/suresh/20200831.sql
MySQL root password:
Creating Database…
13.5MiB 0:00:41 [ 334KiB/s] [==============================================>] 100%
*** Scheduler is disabled ***
Site mysite.com has been restored

I’ll try this, thanks

I just realized there were no backups


Have you try to search in deleted documents ? You can search it in the searchbar.

Hope it will help.