Port Based Multitenancy Problem

I have done Port Based Multitenancy on my VPS with 2 site

i run first site with command bench start

and second site start with bench --site site2.local serve --port 8080

i am accessing both site but problem is when i am login in one site i will logout from second site

anyone have solution for this

No solution. You have to use domain based multitenancy if you want to stay logged in to both sites.



Hy @nilpatel42

Watch this video and you will get the solution

Thank You!

@Mohammadali @JayRam
Thank you for reply
but i can understand, i have production setup
so how can i start both site at same time, any command which have,
my doubt is not clear with this video

i tried this way but all site is same database, steps which given is video is not working for me,
any mistake ?

Both sites are running if you have setup production. It’s just that you cannot login to both sites at the same time on the same browser. Try logging into one on Chrome and the other on Firefox and it will work fine. Yes, I forgot to add this in my previous post.

Hope this helps.