Port cofiguration for multiple site

Hello, I have created two sites.

  1. umar.localhost

I wanted to install two different apps on both site.
I want to use ERPNext on umar.localhost and want to install and build ToDo app “Frappe Actions” on actions.localhost as @nagariahussain guided in his video.

Now pplease check below screenshot, Why It’s not showing Farppe Actions app installed on actions.localhost

SS from terminal.


SS for actions.localhost

SS for umar.localhost

While I installed Frappe Actions on actions.localhost.

Here is another SS from terminal.


actions.localhost:8000 and umar.localhost:8000 drives you to the same site … Use internal port instead (probably 8001 for second site …)

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for reply.
I found the complete clarification form this post.