Portal form filled in and auto create Web User account?

Hi Hi,

I would like to seek Frappe Experts advice on whether this is achievable. I’m not sure if my approach is valid, or if there is a simpler/better way.

Appreciate any helper!

DocType has “Has Web View” button under its customise page, when Developer Mode is turned on. I’m thinking to expose this DocType as a Form in the Portal, for Guests to fill in and submit.

Is this method workable? Or should I write custom Portal Form (specifying the DocType I need), submit and save?

Then, once the form is submitted, I would like to create a Desk user of type “System User” using the info provided in the form, because the user need to have access to the content of DocType he submitted at a later stage of the workflow.

I’ll be using new App for this function. I wonder if Frappe can be configured to do all these, or which portion of the steps I need to write Python code/Form Script and etc.

Much much thanks!