Portal Page not works in production environment

I am using Frappe Framework: v15.27.0 (version-15)

I deployed a portal web page in my app. It works perfectly in developed environment and not working in production environment. The problem is if do any changes in the text field and perform search. The new values are not fetched but it displays the record based on the old search field value.

My route is

Filter is not applied so displays the all record but it only works if developer mode is on

My Html:

{% extends "templates/web.html" %}
{% block title %}people Directory{% endblock %}
{% block content %}
<div class="site-section">
    <div class="container">
        <div class="row pt-8 pb-10">
            <form class="form-search col-12">
                <div class="row  align-items-end">
                    <div class="col-sm-3  pt-2">
                        <label for="list-types">Category</label>
                        <div class="select-wrap">                          
                            <select name="status" id="list-types" class="form-control d-block rounded-0">                                <option value="" {% if not category_selected %}selected{% endif %}>Select an option
                                {% for category in categories %}

                                <option value="{{category.status}}" {% if category.status==category_selected %}selected{%
                                    endif %}>
                                {% endfor %}
                    <div class="col-sm-3 pt-2">
                        <label for="list-types">Address</label>
                        <div class="select-wrap">
                            <select name="people_address" id="list-types" class="form-control d-block rounded-0">
                                <option value="" {% if not type_selected %}selected{% endif %}>Select an option</option>
                                {% for type in address %}
                                <option value="{{type.people_address}}" {% if type.people_address==type_selected %}selected{% endif
                                {% endfor %}

                    <div class="col-sm-3 pt-5">
                        <input type="submit" class="btn btn-success text-white btn-block rounded-0 custom-btn"

<div class="container-fluid">
<div class="row">
    {% for record in records %}   
    <div class="col-md-4 mb-4">
        <div class="card">
            <div class="card-body">
                <h5 class="card-title">{{ record.first_name }} {{ record.surname }}</h5>
                <h6 class="card-subtitle mb-2 text-muted">{{ record.status }}</h6>
                <p class="card-text">people Name: {{ record.people_name }}</p>
                <p class="card-text">people Address: {{ record.people_address }}</p>
    {% endfor %}
{% endblock %}

My index.py

import frappe
from frappe.utils.data import ceil

def get_context(context):
    filters = {
        "status": ["in", ["Type I", "Type II"]]

    categories = frappe.get_list("Directory", filters=filters, fields=["status"], group_by="status")
    context.categories = categories
    address = frappe.get_list("Directory", filters=filters, fields=["people_address"], group_by="people_address", order_by="people_address asc")
    context.address = address
    # Extracting filters from form dictionary
    status = frappe.form_dict.get("status")
    people_address = frappe.form_dict.get("people_address")
    search_by = frappe.form_dict.get("search_by")
    search_name = frappe.form_dict.get("search_name")

    # Set context variables
    if status:
        context.category_selected = status
    if people_address:
        context.type_selected = people_address
    if search_by:
        context.search_by = search_by
        # Adjust search_by field if needed
        if search_by == "firstname":
            search_by_field = "first_name"
        elif search_by == "surname":
            search_by_field = "surname"
        elif search_by == "people_name":
            search_by_field = "people_name"
            # Default to first_name if search_by is not provided or invalid
            search_by_field = "first_name"
        # Default to first_name if search_by is not provided
        search_by_field = "first_name"

    if search_name:
        context.search_name = search_name

    # Pagination
    page_length = 9  # Number of records per page
    current_page = frappe.form_dict.get("page", 1)  # Current page number, default is 1
    limit_start = (int(current_page) - 1) * page_length

    # Fetch records based on filters and pagination
    records_filters = filters.copy()  # Create a copy of the original filters
    if status:
        records_filters["status"] = status
    if people_address:
        records_filters["people_address"] = people_address
    if search_by_field and search_name:
        records_filters[search_by_field] = ["like", "%" + search_name + "%"]

    total_records = frappe.db.count("Directory", filters=records_filters)
    total_pages = ceil(total_records / page_length)
    records = frappe.get_list("Directory", filters=records_filters, fields=["first_name", "surname", "people_name", "status", "people_address"], limit_start=limit_start, limit_page_length=page_length)

    # Pass context variables
    context.records = records
    context.total_pages = total_pages
    context.current_page = current_page
    return context


  1. https://frappeframework.com/docs/user/en/portal-pages

The problem is cache. Added context.no_cache = 1. Thanks to @treeem for the solution mentioned in Frappe context not changing. Cache problem

I changed the .py to

import frappe
from frappe.utils.data import ceil

def get_context(context):

     context.no_cache = 1

     return context