Portal - Quotation have nothing for customer

Hi all,
I’m doing a customer portal for a client. Everything is right except for the quotation.
When I click on the ‘Quotation’ sidebar link, there’s nothing displaying, even tho I have multiple quotations (status = Draft, Submitted, Ordered) for the logged in Customer.

The URL seems alright (https://some-url/quotations)
The quotation is linked to the client. So why won’t it display? Am I missing something?
The projects are displaying just fine, so I’m quite lost :frowning:

It may be related to this: https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/issues/17499

Still not working
ERPNext: v11.1.38 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.35 (master)

Still not working in ERPNext & Frappe v12.04

This issue is fixed via this PR fix: Filters for portal quotation list by surajshetty3416 · Pull Request #18689 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub