POS Awesome and ERPNext 15

Regarding POS Awesome and ERPNext 15:

"Will POS Awesome be compatible with ERPNext 15?

I’m curious if the latest version of ERPNext will work seamlessly with POS Awesome, and if there are any specific updates or configurations needed to ensure compatibility.

Has anyone in the community successfully used POS Awesome with ERPNext 15?

If so, can you share your experience and any tips for a smooth integration?"

Hi @netmanthan,

First thing, ERPNext version 15 has not launched yet so if you want to check the app then install erpnext in the develop branch and also pos-awesome in the develop branch and then check it.

More details for contact @youssef

Thank You!

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Thank you for letting me know that ERPNext version 15 has not been released yet. I appreciate the heads up. To check the app, I’ll go ahead and install ERPNext in the develop branch, as well as pos-awesome in the develop branch, as you suggested.

If I have any questions or run into any issues during the this process, would it be okay to reach out for further guidance? @youssef

Thank you!

Thank you for the guidance. I followed your suggestion and installed ERPNext in the develop branch, along with pos-awesome in the develop branch.

However, I’ve encountered an issue, and it’s not working.

Could you or anyone please provide more details or steps to troubleshoot this problem if any?


Hi @netmanthan

Erpnext V15 not supported yet, I will start working on it after the stable release.