POS Awesome POS Opening Shift Cashier List BUG

Hi, I need some help…
I found an error in the box that displays a list of cashiers at POS Opening Shift in POS Awesome. The name and email of the user are written incorrectly.

Installed Apps :
ERPNext: v14.29.2 (version-14)
ERPNext UI Tests: v0.0.1 (develop)
Frappe Framework: v14.40.2 (version-14)
POS Awesome: v6.0.4 (develop)

Hi @KyraDais,

Please update to version because erpnext is the older version and also POS Awesome.

Please check it.

Thank You!

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Hi @NCP,

Thanks for the response. I will tell my team leader to upgrade our POS Awesome module. I hope this error will be fixed.

Thank you,