POS Awesome Version 1

Hello community

POS Awesome now is stable and ready to use in production.

It now supports a good set of features ready to use:

  1. Supports Erpnext Version 12 & 13
  2. User friendly and it provides a good user experience and speed of use
  3. The user has the option of either list view or card view for the items
  4. Supports invoice submission after printing the receipt for faster printing
  5. Supports batch & serial numbering
  6. Supports batch-based pricing
  7. Supports UOM specific barcode and pricing
  8. Supports sales of scale (weighted) products
  9. Ability to make returns from POS
  10. Allow user to choose a due date for credit sales
  11. Supports customer loyalty points
  12. Opening and Closing Cash Voucher

And many small features

Of course, I will add more features in the future, you can review them from here, but for now my focus will be on fixing any bugs that appear and then waiting for the stable release of Erpnext 13 in anticipation of any breaking changes.

There are no plans to integrate POS Awesome with Erpnext, I prefer it to be a standalone project as I mentioned earlier, to have an alternative for the current one with a high ability for customizations and add more features easily and quickly without so many restrictions and complications.

I also hope that it will not remain a personal project, but rather that it will become a community project to obtain a great selling point worthy of Erpnext.

ِAnd I have to admit that this would not have happened without the architectural strength of Frappe Framework and Erpnext, the team did a great job building them.

I always welcome contribution in the project in any available way, sharing ideas, testing, feature requests, bug fixes, and code contributions, and I thank everyone who has contributed to this project so far.

You can install POS Awesome from here


Hi @youssef,
Thanks a lot for sharing, I hope that will be merged soon with ERPNext product.

Is it supported to work offline and once we have internet connection all data will be transferred automatically?

Thanks again,

@youssef Congratulations on v1 and Awesome as it is.
I will be testing this out soon.

Congratulations we have a better POS for erpnext.

Great work man.
I hope core team can pull this in core.

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Gr8 work, really appreciated.
one question: Will it support offline?

Excellent and very usefully to the community. Truely, Thank you very much for your tremendous effort.

Offline POS is very useful feature, you can add service worker and make POS Offline.

Also we have observed missing pos invoices issue where transaction is high, you can also make API Log as separate doctype, store all POS Invoices in API Log and then process API Log,
It will be very useful for debugging.

Thank you all

Currently POS Awesome does not support offline, unfortunately, but there is POS Bahrain that supports this feature, and Erpnext also supports the synchronization feature between sites.
So I don’t see any need to support it here.


Idea is to use one of them not all in the same time, everyone is looking to collect all features in one place, I hope it’s clear now

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looks great
thank you for your valuable contribution

You can use the sync feature for offline mode, right?
It provides more flexibility than just point of sale support for offline mode
Let’s not reinvent the wheel and focus on bringing extra value to the user


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You mean event streaming feature right?


It works

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I found that batch price is considered to be inclusive of taxes … any specific reason ??

Because POS Awesome only support inclusive taxes for now

Wow, this looks amazing. I will give it a try for sure and see how it works.

I have an error while I am trying to install POS, please help me

Is It difficult for any one to help me ?

No one knows …!

Thank u

The error fatal: Could not read from remote repository suggests that github.com repository is not allowing you to download the app (before it installs).

Try setting up your environment correctly and have the appropriate url within permissions allowed to download.