POS Awesome (Vuetify App) show blank page in ERPNext 13


I try to install POS Awesome 1.03 with ERPNext 13.
ERPNext: v13.x.x-develop () (develop)
Frappe Framework: v13.x.x-develop () (develop)
POS Awesome: v1.0.3 (develop)

The App is programmed by Vuetify 2.4.9. But When I try to open App in ERPNext gives me a blank page and there is not any error in the Console.

I think there is a problem in routing but I can not find the solution.
Note: POS Awesome App works great in ERPNext 12 without any problems. but It does not work in ERPNext 13.

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Same issue here.

i also faced then what i did to resolve this.

bench clear-cache
bench clear-web-cache

Not successed.

Restart my server then resolved.
POS Awesome: v1.0.3 (master)

Issue still persist anyone who resolved it

I tried it without any success, I still getting a blank page.

The developer has updated a patch. You need to install POS awesome from develop branch.

This is how i got it to work

$bench --site [your.site.name] uninstall-app posawesome

$bench clear-cache

you might want to go into the apps directory and run rm -r posawesome and rm -r POS-Awesome folders if exists

$bench get-app --branch develop posawesome GitHub - yrestom/POS-Awesome: POS Awesome is an open-source Point of Sale for Erpnext using Vue.js and Vuetify

$bench setup requirements

$bench build --app posawesome

$bench restart

$bench --site [your.site.name] install-app posawesome

$bench --site [your.site.name] migrate


You do not need to install PoS Awesome from Develop branch

Develop has some experimental features that might not be ready for prime time

@youssef am I right ??

That was the only way I was able to get it to work. In my case.

Thank you so much
This solution fixed my problem

I was not able to view the POS Awesome Screen. So I uninstalled the app from my site and now I’m getting an error
“#### Not found
DocType POS Offer Detail not foundThe resource you are looking for is not available”.

Request for support. Thank you.

Same as me too.


I restored the my ERPNext with the backup taken before I installed POS Awesome.
Then installed POS awesome first then migrated the site. Now I’m able to use the Awesome POS.

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for me installed with branch version 13 and it works fine.