POS Bill page length and footer

Kindly see the bill generated…It the software, it shows till the last line where it is written that “Above prices are inclusive of all taxes” But when print it prints like it shows on the picture…

How can i restrict the print according to the items in the bill

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are you using firefox or chrome?


have you tried uncheck the header and footer in print preview?

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thnaks this is working for header footer…But the main issue is that, in the thermal printer, the print out is not finishing once the contents over…It leaving extra blank lines which is waste of paper


Was there eventually any solution to this? Facing the same issue



Had the same issue with Epson thermal printer.

Update your drivers to the latest version and create multiple custom sizes for your receipts.
Use them accordingly by estimating the length of your receipts.

At least that worked for me.


Hi @xdelios

Thanks for your helpful post. How do you create the custom sizes?


Hey @wale, @xdelios, @jagjyo2014, @Randy_Lowery I think you should definitively take a look into my contribution Print Node Integration for Frappe Framework

The documentation is missing, but the app is fully usable!

Depends on your driver.

So I suppose your printer is installed on a windows machine.
If you got to your control panel > devices and printers and go to printing prefrences of the pos receipt printer you should have an option to set Paper Settings where you will be able to set custom sizes (probably in mm)

So you should setup different sizes with dimensions like 80 x 200, 80 x 300 and so on.You should really experiment with it a bit and you’ll get the idea.

Hope this helps

Got it!



Thanks plenty. Checking it out