POS Billing Issue And Effect in P&L

please help me sort this issue . I created user profile and assigned POS Profile to this user. But when am using the POS for Selling, It shows sales invoices being submitted from POS end . But when i look Sales invoices through accounts ,the status of all this invoices remains Draft… So i need to Submit all this invoices individually. And The effect of this sales invoices neither cane to Balance Sheet nor to Profit And Loss Account


Check Role Permissions assigned to this User. This User should have Submit permission on Document Type Sales Invoice.

Hope you have selected correct Income Account under Account section of POS Profile.


Thank you

Also, you have to use the “Pay” button on the POS keypad and complete the sale through that interface (even if you are able to print receipts before that point). Any other path to the end will result in Draft sales invoices that never seem to complete.

That means you will have to define all of your payment methods and include them in the POS profile as well. In the case of multiple payment methods, the one in the POS porofile with the check mark will be the one that is defaulted when the payment interface pops up.