POS Cannot Select Sales Person

Realised that at POS, not able to select Sales Person. Did I miss out any setting ?

POS view doesn’t have provision for selecting Sales Person. In the Sales Invoice view, you can select Sales Person just fine.

Yes, because I want to Include the Payment Method.
However, I decide to use the SALES INVOICE with Include Payment.


I just made sales invoice for POS. For now, Sales person section was accessible just fine. Can you check if it is not related to permissions?

You means sales person can be selected via the Point of Sales Page ?

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Hi @umair

Can you share with us than how we can do.

Hi everyone

I am using erpnext.

But POS section is nightmare for me.

Common basic details are missing or may be I am not aware about its pos Module.

Sales person,
Advance Selection in pos given by customer , credit note are the most important and basics part of any software.
Without this pos is like body without life.

Hope this will get soon in POS.