POS- Card swiping

Hai All.
See i created a new branch,cost centre and POS . But the i dont understand where this card swiping amounts are going… please help me to sort out

Check mode of payments and linked Chart of account

Hai i checked it is assigned to Bank only… But amount is not going to bank …

Open the sales invoice in normal view and click view accounting ledger to see the accounting entry

Amount is going to Cash…

Are you sure you opened the invoice which was settled on credit card?

Sir, When we use POS… Two option should be thr. One Cash Customer Second one Customer Paying the amount through Card… For This I created to customer List Named Cash & Card - Cash is going properly to Cash , But this card is also going to cash it should go to bank … I knowsomewhere i done the mistake but icouldn’t find the solution

You have to make 2 separate mode of payments

How to assign mode of payment to a customer

You have to select cash or credit card at the time of invoice settlement