POS change selected Batch

I am trying to change batch in POS (demo.erpnext.com) but cannot figure out how to do it?

  1. Selected Batches

  1. Item added after selecting batches

  1. But cannot find how to change/edit batches or quantity. Clicking on + - qty bring this screen comes where already selected batch not showing

Please guide me…

  1. Suggestion, Batches selection should be automatic(optional may be) on “First Expiry First Out” based on required selling qty, I believe this is standard procedure for dealing in Batches for all businesses. Attached snapshot shows require field to auto fetch batches. Thanks…

Hi @mdwala

Can you make github issue, will fix this issue soon.

Hi Rohit, Seems only you are involving when Batches are involved. Thanks!

Created 2 issues separately