POS Closing Entry (Multi Company)

I have a scenario, where multiple company are created in 1 ERPNext instance.

1 company is dealing in Retail, using POS, while other doesn’t use retail (POS).

Now POS cloing entry is picking another company account for transaction while creating sales invoices.

Unable to figure why, anyone facing this.

Perhaps not possible, you cannot select another company account for the transaction while creating a sales invoice.


POS Invoice & POS Closing Entry belongs to Company B,

When we submit POS Closing Entry, it creates Sales invoices for same comany (B), but the account (COAS) is getting picked of company A (thats the error), it should pick account of company B.

I think is just automatically picking company A defaults cash change account on every transaction, instead it should use same company default account.

I am unable to find the code which is creating entry to Sales Invoice docType from POS Invoice docType.

I got this fixed after updating account manually in tabSales Invoice Payment table, few entries were linked to wrong account.

Hence the POS Closing entry for multi company doesn’t require any fixes.