POS closing voucher not displaying correct tax slabs. Missing few tax slabs

Hi folks,
I am not able to see all tax slabs while closing the POS profile for the day.
For reference, I am sending screenshot to compare the Sales Invoice generated and the corresponding POS closing voucher.

Facts that i have checked before posting on forum are:
> 1. The POS profile I want to close(user specific).
> 2. Cashier :Administrator(in my case it is Administrator )
> 3. Grand Total, Net Total, Amount to be collected all are accurate.
> Only taxes are showing improper or in-correct.

Screenshot 1: Actual Sales Invoice with different tax slabs.

Screenshot 2: Closing the retailer POS voucher where tax slab is displaying onnly for one not for the other slabs.

Any help is really appreciated.
Thanks in advance…