POS Closing Voucher

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  • Where to find POS closing voucher in Retail installation
  • How can a sales counter staff close their shift / session and print POS closing voucher

Please help

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yip this is important
i need it to

i made a cashier closing module , so do you think its important so i contribute it ?

This is very important in any standard POS.Find means of contributing this

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ok i will contribute this soon, wish you all enjoy it :slight_smile:

Hi Bassam, Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones. I am also interested in POS closing system. Basically cashier opens the day with $100 as cash. Makes sales of $300 hence the amount in cash drawer should be $400.

I used this but it does not have opening cash balance in the cash drawer.


Thanks for the efforts though.

I’ve been asking this for a while.


This thead I had started explains what is required and a few links to a few sample reports:

We are working on recreating a new doctype for POS opening and closing voucher. This is built on the POS Closing Voucher I shared above. It would be as follows

We may skip Step #4 if does it gives too much trouble in creating it. Points to note:


Feel free to point us into right direction if you feel we missed something.

I have pushed a pull request with a new cashier closing feature and it is already merged and will be available soon for production with the next merging of develop branch , it contains a custody field as you can write the opening balance on it then you can also write the expenses which taken from your save also you write the total amount of cash in your save based on the modes of payments which you received then the system will make some calculations and will show the net amount which should be equal to the total of your sales invoices , so the manager can review it and check for any differences if found and track the reasons.

Thank you @Bassam_Mamdouh. I guess the opening amount is entered (change amount) at closing time of pos closing.
We are working on a different method which is to create an opening cash amount. The DocType is submitted.

At closing time the amount is pulled into Closing Voucher. Reason behind this method is to block cashier manipulating opening cash if the amount in till/cash drawer is lesser than what it should be in closing voucher.


Do you have a pull request for this ?


i am unable to delete/remove a POS Closing voucher…remains as a draft. All values are 0…it was created in error during testing, but I can not figure out how to simply get rid of it.

A quick question please
Can the operator/cashier submit multiple closing vouchers on the same day?
Perhaps he is working half shift morning and half night…
Our working both, but we need to close each shift.
Is it possible??

Yes it is

How could it be done…
As an operator/cashier when I submit the closing vouchers for ex it was a total of £1000
Then, I go to POS and created an invoice for another £100
And go to close POS again, it shows the total amount as £1100

However the first £1000 already collected.
What do I miss?

You have to make sure the first PoS Opening Entry is closed with a Pos Closing entry.

Then the cashier signs in again and is forced by the system to do a new PoS opening entry