POS Consignment Sales for department store

For a prospect (department store), I’m testing whether ERPNext is suitable and supports some of major business requirements. From department store point of view, consignment model is common:

  • Dept store merchandiser/buyer place Consiginment Order (or “Purchase” Requisition) to suppliers
  • Stock received, not managed nor has value in account, but tracked (generic product code and qty) for security and supplier’s stock report.
  • Agreements made prior to onboarding in term of “commission” upon sold item, for example 20%. It can be a global (valid for all items supplied), or based on specific category/item.
  • All sales of consignment items are done through POS to end customers. Dept store will raise invoice to the respective supplier for the commission. Hopefully this should not be calculated manually.


  • Stock management: I understand that some old posts suggested different warehouse for each supplier. Do “purchase” flow upon sales. Although this is rather complex.
  • Stock valuation: I was looking into other ERP platform’s capability of having “owner” option of the stock, set it upon receiving, and this will have zero value in the account. Any function/option in ERPNext?
  • Sales: consignment items are sold through POS (with generic barcode) along with regular/purchased items. Possible in ERPNext POS?
  • Invoicing: Possible to generate and accommodate daily/monthly sales report (amount, commission, item) for each of supplier? Also, every sales should generate payable account entry of each supplier.