POS Customisation : Data send from POS to Sales Invoice

Hello Everyone,

I am working on POS Customisation and added 1 custom field on point_of_sale.js. which looks like this.

i want to send the Remarks Data in Sales Invoice custom field Named as “POS Remarks”. How should i ?

can anyonw help with this ?

From JavaScript, call this.frm.set_value('remark', 'This is my remark');

For my custom POS I use a different architecture and create the invoice server-side in Python:

Here you’d have to add an argument “remark” to the function and pass that command from JavaScript.

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Thanks for the reply @rmeyer

I can push the String to the custom field like you said here this.frm.set_value(‘remark’, ‘This is my remark’);. But how can i push dynamic data that i enter in remarks field in popup ?

If by popup you mean the payment modal, check this:

Inside the onchange function you can set the value.

Thanks For Your Response @rmeyer

I have completed this task

I have the same problem to continue without solving

how you make these i try to make custom field in pos page but i can not start do these