POS Customization for VAN Sales

Can someone help me to customize our POS profile; we use ERPNext POS profile for van sales.

  1. Payment mode; I want to add ‘credit’ option as well.
  2. When i select a customer i want a field where the customer credit balance is displayed.
  3. i want allow partial payments (cash and credit)
  4. i want to let the salesman to make ‘credit back’ from the POS profile (when customer make the full or partial payment of his credit balance displayed on the screen).

please help

I think @Riyas_Rawther can be of assistance. He has mentioned that his company uses ERPNext for van sales. Taken liberty of copying him.

List of Companies using ERPNext - #2 by Muzzy

@mannilspices Were you able to get this customizatiob done?

You don’t need POS. Everything you need is in the Selling Module

On the “retail sales take place off the back of a mobile truck” topic look for BKM’s pointers, like these for example