POS delivery date / POS process

I noticed that when you create a new sales order through POS, it complains about the delivery date being mandatory. You have to switch to the form view (which is called POS view, by the way, which is incorrect) and fill it in.

This happens in both the VM/V4 and in V5-preview.

In my opinion the delivery date should be today, when selling from POS. Can you please make that default (or have it defaulted through a setting)?

Also, the POS workflow (if that’s the right term) should ideally be different, although different organizations might have different requirements… My point is: when a customer walks in to get specific items, the intention is to pick them up. So the customer normally would not want a delivery note (or delivery process), but does want an invoice and might want to pay directly.

So either the delivery note is printed directly, or not at all. The stock however should be issued immediately, in other words: delivery is not part of this process.

Please help me understand how I can change this, or how ERPNext can facilitate this process.

are you done set the POS settings ?

Yes, I went through the POS settings form.
Is there any way te review/amend those settings? Then I can make a screenshot for you.

Ah, it’s the Sales Invoice vs the Sales Order.
That’s at least much better as to I have it in mind. Never mind then.

Although: the Make Payment button disappears as soon as you enter an item in the cart… that seems like a bug wouldn’t you say?

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yes I’ve experienced the make payment button issue as well.

We are still closing issues in v5. Can you post this on GitHub issues so that we can keep track of it.

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The “Make Payment” button disappears and returns randomly on me as well in V4

@gentle I agree.
POS is always an immediate retail based transaction.
As such all the POS view should do is act like a cash register with a barcode scanner attached and the ability to create pre configured stock / service icons to aid in fast transactions.
By Default:
Date should be today.
Customer Should be “Cash Sale” or “Walk In”
The POS view should have a field where the sales person can enter the amount of money the customer has handed over. This then auto calculates the correct change.
A single button that prints a receipt to a POS printer and finishes the transaction.

If a customer requires Shipping, Part payment or lay-by then the sales person should switch to the form view for the extra features.
If this is the case the sales person would print out a A4 format receipt that includes the customer name, delivery address, payment plan etc etc.