POS Discount in percent instead a specific amount

Hello community.

In version 4 i had this done. In POS when you are trying to put a discount if you put 10 my system makes the calculation based in 10% of the total amount.

In version 5 all change that i make in pos.js in apps/erpnext/erpnext/public/js/pos/pos.js i can’t see it even when i run bench restart and bench build-website.

Any help or suggestion in this case.


You need to do

bench build


bench watch for auto re-compile


If you can make a checkbox for % discount and calculate, please send a pull-request.

@geekroot The ability to do a discount based on a percentage value instead of a fixed amount in POS is exactly what I need for my current project. Good luck and hopefully see your results on Github. Thanks.


wld be great

@System19 @becht_robert i hope that i can work next weekend with this. I don’t promise nothing but i will try to do it.

Great. Unfortunately can not programme. Hope that Frappe ltd will include
it in their releases, since i am a cloud user.
I believe there are two options. 1) a box to set. or 2) include % while
typing 10 means 10 money units 10% means …
rgds robert

I am not a programmer either, But would imagine that a checkbox or select field would be the easier of the two options to implement. Also this way you could set the check box /select field to have a default via custom script. This could be handy. Either way would be fine.