POS: Enable blank customer name, or have a default customer called "No Name"?

In many POS applications, it’s common to have anonymous customers.
For example cash customers.
Also, many stores have a separate credit card machine, where typically a customer name in the POS should also not be required.
However the ERPnext v11.1.4 POS page requires a customer name.

One workaround is to create a customer named “No name”. But this is an extra step, since the POS clerk has to enter this name.
Is it possible to have the “No Name” customer be the default POS screen customer?
Or, alternatively, is it possible to enable a blank customer name?

The way to do this is as follows:

  • Create a customer name like “Walk-in” for annon. customers that walk into your store. You can use this customer for ALL transactions it you want.

  • In the ‘Awesome Bar’ at the top of the screen type in POS Profile and select the POS Profile from the drop-down menu. Use this to create a POS Profile for the store cashier and in the profile select the “Walk-in” customer as the “Default Customer”

  • Add the Cashier user that will be using this profile

  • Add the acceptable modes of payment in the profile

  • Save the profile

  • Click your user ID in upper right side of screen and select “Reload”

Now, when you log in as the Cashier and go to the POS module, the “Walk-in” customer will already be loaded in the Customer field and you can proceed with the transaction without having to bother with the Customer field.

The beauty of this is that it leave open the possibility for you to replace the customer name with maybe a commercial client name that is buying in your store so those sales could be tracked separately.

Hope this helps… :sunglasses:


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