POS Error Version 11

I was skeptical about doing it, but I tried… After performing another upgrade in attempt to get some speed and improvement; we have to revert to a pre-update backup v9 as the update came with some issues; I hope someone can help with this. We sorted a lot out like the login wasn’t working, even after we used bench update --build to refresh everything js and css; we had to surgically remove the ‘sanitisation’ code; after all we are in a local site with no external connection.

The following function call, savesubmit from Point Of Sale, appears to not have a definition and so it prevents the pos from submitting correctly, i.e. you have no print or new after submit. The error at the console states that the function is not defined, it appears to be from some other file, but which? we searched to no avail.

submit_sales_invoice() {
		.then((r) => {
			if (r && r.doc) {
				this.frm.doc.docstatus = r.doc.docstatus;
					indicator: 'green',
					message: __(`Sales invoice ${r.doc.name} created succesfully`)


I have searched for where savesubmit is defined but haven’t found it.

I think updating erpnext still needs a little work as it appears that if you miss the step by step upgrades between sub versions, you’re in deep trouble. But in practice its not always possible, as in our case; there are many clients here and there, mostly offline servers, you can’t push upgrades all the time, for us we have about 30 installations so far with only 3 in the cloud.

I think the upgrade should be RELIABLE at least for 2 versions, so going from 8 to 10, 9 to 11 etc, should be smooth as silk; with the script making a backup that it can restore if it detects a failure.

Why are you upgrading to version 11? The stable version at the moment is version 10.


Well, I just used the standard update scripts and methods, I observed it applied patches for v10 and v11.

Anyways, we’re cool where its at now, i dumped all previous sales invoices and cleared the tables,system is fast, no customer queues for the first time in almost 8 months, so we’ll be doing that periodically henceforth because i dont see a better solution coming on soon to take care of high volume retail operations. We are also looking at offline as a critical-time only fall back. For now though, we’re rolling like a locomotive