POS filter based on warehouse

How can filter items shows in POS based on warehouse?
If this feature not available I think we should open github issue related.

You can use POS profiles to filter items by warehouse.

If this is not the exact implementation you need, check to see if there is already an issue for the implementation you need before creating an issue.

Also, I see you ask a lot of questions here. Maybe try helping other users with their questions as well. Based on your questions, you use the system a lot, so you will most likely be able to help others.

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Hi @felix
Thanks for your reply but there is no option in POS profile to filter based on warehouse

You must have “Update Stock” checked to see Warehouse.

Yes, I done all the right steps but my issue is even I select the warehouse in POS profile, the POS is showing other items not existed in the selected warehouse with 0 quantity.
it seems that POS designed to fillter just base on item group and customer group.

can you show a screenshot of the POS Profile for this user?

EDIT: I just ran my own test and I see what you mean. The warehouse setting will pull correct quantity, but won’t hide items with no quantity in the warehouse.

Maybe create an issue for that. But some could also consider this to be a “feature” as mentioned in your other thread POS stop sell negative stock. It will depend on what others think.

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