POS for services without maintaining stock

Hello community,

I’m new to ERPNext and in a fase of learning thru looking in the code (i’m not a programmer) and checking the functionalities of ERPNext. So far I can conclude that this is a very good product.

My question/request for help:

The hard connection of the POS systenm to the stock items only raises an issue for me.
I want to solve the problem for the branches of companies selling services , like beauty salons, rentals and “fix it your self” car garages. All of them are using cash registers. (POS)

In order to avoid accounting stock corrections afterwards, it would be really great if the POS system could have an option (check -button) to add the functionality of using non-stock items. (services)

Could anyone point me in the right direction on how to solve this?

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You can try Sales Invoice with Is POS ticked. This will give you mode of payment at the bottom. You can make a thermal paper print format and issue receipts.

Hello Muzzy,

Thank you for your response.

Creating an invoice is the last step in the process. Making invoice with “is POS” is not the solution. The invoicing process from the POS works fine.
My issue is to get the POS show the non-stock items in the POS. And from there make a payment and invoice or thermal-print reciept.

As ERPNext is configured now, only the stock items show in POS.

I’m looking for possibility to work with POS but with non-stock items alongside the present configuration for stock-items.

Any idea on how to achieve this?

We had done non stock items in pos a year back for a client who sells entrance tickets. Need to check how we did override on it. That was for all non stock items only. Haven’t done combination of both.
Give me few days to recheck the code. Will try to update you soon.

Is this different than just disabling the checkbox “maintain stock” for the item?
That’s essentially how I handle fees from vendors I purchase from.

Hello Muzzy,
Did you have time to look for the matter of this issue?

I myself found that the field "update_stock"is hidden and default set to 1.

I’m sure that it’s been tought of and it’s done so for a good reason. But still I’m looking for a way to overide it and make the non-stock items show in the POS.

@Mark_Johnson Mark, "maintain stock"checkbox is used for the overall stock.
But thank you for your response.