POS-how to eat it))

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pls, give me a clue what is the POS.
What is POS profile and how to and why to use it.
When u creating new Sales Invoice there is a possibility to select the checkbox “include Payment (POS)”
Without it’s selection we can’t see a paid amount in the sales invoices list report.


POS is “Point Of Sales” which more or less refers to a checkout register at any given store. You will be using POS in your business when you have a register where you customers pay with cash.

You can create different profiles for different scenarios. For example if you have a cinema, you could make a POS profile for the cinema tickets and another POS profile for the snack shop. The two are in different areas and need to be able to use completely different items to sell.

As POS payments are set to “paid” when saving the invoice. If you wan’t “normal” sales invoices to be marked as paid, you will have to mark them accordingly when creating them (you will then be asked to fill in the payment method further down) or you will be making a payment entry to a specific invoice.

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ok, what if I have sales invoice (without checking POS) for 100$ and my customer pays only 60$ (for any reason). I make payment entry for 60$, but in sales invoice report in colomn PAID AMOUNT i’ll see 0.00$ instead of 60$. How to act in this situation?

The status is shown as unpaid and the outstanding amount is updated accordingly:

Check the first row

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ok, this is not really obvious and visually comfortble, but it works)