POS implementations done so far

Hello Members,

I would like everyone to contribute to this thread by sharing their own/clients implementations done as a retail pos client.
It would be helpful for everyone in the community to know how reliable and functional the POS module in erpnext is.
Please reply in terms of the followed:

  1. Local or cloud installation.
  2. Number of remote sites /warehouse/POS client users.
  3. Approx Number of items at each site/warehouse.
  4. Approx Number of customers in customer master.
  5. Approx Number of invoice generated per min/hr/day/week/month (what ever data you have to share).
  6. Stability of POS transactions.
  7. Any issues faced ( please list them in short bulletins)

If there is anything that should be relevant with this topic then kindly advice.

We are in the phase of implementing erpnext for multiple retail clients and to do that we would like to know the above and look into the issues and try to fix them with our expertise and contribute it back to the community.

The POS seems to be a recurrent item in this forum…it worked fine for me…than there was a sponsored overhaul that did not add any functionality for myself as a simple user.

  1. Cloud 2. We use the POS at two physical locations but have no special warehouse for this 3 approx 400 4. approx 300 5. 2-5 invoices per day 6 Never had an issue, am on highspeed WIFI…
  • After the overhaul, the plus/minus signs to change quantity was removed. Have seen in the 11 beta test that is back…so will just wait.

  • A simple return not possible,. Client buys couple of items and returns some. Just entering a negative number is a widely accepted procedure bys does not work with the POS.

  • Much more serious is the following which I will illustrate with an example and reported several times thru this list/github or directly by mail/phone to Mumbai.
    I have items that are code dami1…dami25.
    With the scanner: all works fine.
    Manual: I want to sell item with code “dami10”…Now I have to be damned careful…if i just type “dami10”…it will pick “dami1”… I Now need to delete the wrongly picked item. Very annoying. To pick correctly I have to type “dami” and click/select from the many dami-xx at the right site of POS.
    As communicated to Frappe I belief that to make the POS foolproof it should differentiate between scanned and human (keyboard) inputs …am not a techie but believe this is relatively simple…the scanned ascii code string will take a split second…typing takes more time…so by just measuring the speed one can distinguish between between human input and acanned input.

  • Similar, a scanned input is always for the search box…I edit something manual and than continue scanning i have to make sure that the cursor is in the box…otherwise the scanning of new items is not “seen”. Differentiating between human and machine input would also help to solve this issue

I have a supermarket with 6 tills that does about 1,000 invoices daily. Cloud server with offline activated.

  • Offline PoS can duplicate invoices, sometimes it sends up to 4 copies of the same invoice. We resolved this and sent a pull request which is yet to be merged.

  • We have a situation where randomly some invoices seem to dissappear, we have not been able to find the reason for this, it is very random and occures infrequently, but it does happen.

  • So many other issues we are resolving internally but the above two are quite critical in my opinion.

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  1. Duplicating issue… means it will show the same invoice 4 times with the amount appearing 4 times in accounts?
    That will be very bad for accounting.
    How did you solve this and what was the issue behind it.

  2. Do you mean lost between the offline and online mode? Maybe due to sync conditions?

  3. Can you explain the other issues which your facing and how u have solved it.