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I am using ERPNEXT for Healthcare Company and i am using the POS module in cafeteria where i have more than 100 items, since people come in bulk during the lunch dinner time, i wanted to check how faster can the selection of items is done, i use chrome and while selecting different items there is a fraction of 1 or 2 seconds and thus makes it delays the process where customers do not like to wait. Is there any setup for windows based which can make it easier.

ALso if Barcode can help us, but i am not sure how does that well do u need to scan barcode and Press ok for each item or u scan the all items barcode and den select the mode of payment.

Please help me on this.

I’m interested in implementing Erpnext in healthcare sector, but i think that the system is missing many things and needs more work and development, How easy was the integration for you ? and did you do some major customization to adapt it ?


Hi everyone.
Also interested in healthcare ERPNext adoption details.
Would be appreciated for details.

sorry for the late response, it has been difficult and still needs improvement. but the major requirement is to be fast, since its web based the process needs to be fast, thats all i observe now.

@ERPNEXT Team, can you please advise is there any possibility.

Can you please drop your email i want to contact you

In my experience, the speed of the POS is related to how busy the system may be processing other functions as well as HOW MUCH RESOURCES are available on the server.

I run the fastest when using a server with a lot of memory and a lot of CPU access. Since I use VPS service providers, I test my servers and look for the fastest ping times and I/O times I can find. For a small system powering several POS terminals, some warehouse transfers, and 20 logged in users, my server of choice is:

4 to 6 CPU’s
10 to 16gb of memory
with SSD or some RAID SSD configuration

This gets me enough speed to scan items onto the POS cart in about as fast as I can scan them physically.

To get there I buy and test configurations BEFORE I commit to a live production instance because the performance of any given VPS will be different based on how crowded the server hardware is with other virtual server instances. Dedicated servers will perform better but the cost can be a limiting factor.

That is my experience. However, and as always - Your mileage may vary. :sunglasses:

There is not magic set of resources that will work the same for everyone. It is a game of testing and implementing.


Hello BKM, thank u for ur reply, just want to check with you if you using the POS, the issue i face is when i am selecting multipile items there is a fraction of 1 second which is a problem is a busy environment since i work for healthcare where staff come to eat and they need food at the earliest so they cannot wait. i want to know if the dedicated server is an issue or since it is a cloud based it takes time and we need a desktop app to do it better.

u can contact me on hemant.mishra@Fasscointernational.com

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It all comes down to testing your configuration before going live. You may have to lease another server instance to setup more resources and test your POS. It is not an easy thing to do by yourself. It takes some effort to get several people involved in taxing the system resources while you run the POS.

Literally as fast as I can scan an item barcode, it is added to the POS cart. The time is much less than one second.

If you have a very busy network at the hospital you may be experiencing latency in the network and not from your server. There an many possible sources for slowing down your system and they all need to be tested.

Good Luck.