POS invoice and standard invoice


Let’s say my company is doing both retail and wholesaIe. So, I created a POS setting for series-SINV. This works fine when create Sales Invoice, IsPOS is checked.

But for standard/wholesale transactions, I leave IsPOS unchecked but I cannot add products…it said "Please specify customer. It’s needed to fetch item details. I already selected a customer but it’s refreshed back to empty again everytime I add products… Why?

It seemed the system now reads series SINV as POS so cannot do standard invoice again, is it? How to make both POS and standard invoice available?


If you click on the POS Icon next to save you will revert back to the Form View.

I am not sure why the Customer is getting cleared. Which version are you working on?

how did you solve this? I am currently facing an issue with clone purchase order.

hey!!! how did you solve it??? :stuck_out_tongue: