POS Invoice Format Changes on one site getting reflected on other sites?

Firstly, We updated POS invoice format on on site and the same format got updated on all other sites also our server. We need to understand how this happened? How come the changes on one site getting reflected on other sites?

Secondly, Also, after our changes on the POS Invoice Format, the same got distorted as well such as alignment and spaces (see red lines in image 1) got inserted between various lines. And we are unable to reset such automatic changes done to the POS Invoice Format. Pls see Image 1.


How did you change the invoice? I need to do it as well

First of all you have to go to print format list from search bar. For better understanding
I have attached the Image, if you want to edit the format same as mine.

  1. Click on custom format and edit it using html and css

  2. Or else untick the custom format
    and click on edit format on the top where you can customize accordingly.