POS Invoice Naming Series using Store/Shop/Site/Outlet ID? (Retail domain)

In other platforms there’s Store/Shop/Site/Outlet concept. It can be a tree of shops within area/region in a country. We can assign/restrict user permissions to the specific shop(s), apart from specific store operations (ordering, receiving, inventory, sales). When it comes to data (sales transaction, stock movements) the store/shop/site/outlet ID is available.

In ERPNext, there’s Point Of Sale, where we can restrict based on Item Category or Customer Group. But I’m not sure how we can create POS Invoice with Naming Series based on the ID.


Go to Naming series
Pick Sales Invoice (for V12 and lower)
Pick PoS Invoice (for V13 and above )

Create required Naming Series for each store/branch as required

Create PoS Profile for each store/branch

Choose the created Naming series as default Naming series for the PoS Profile.

Hope this helps

I’m aware of the steps applying the Naming Series into POS Profile. My question was if it’s possible to define and have a part/code of “Store/Shop/Outlet ID” in the naming series.

The example in the documentation, mentioned about using vendor_id.

But the problem is that ERPNext has no store/shop/outlet concept or master data, apart from POS Profile (which has no “ID or whichever field used as identity/shortcode”).

For example: store ID = 1234 then POS Invoice number will be PINV-1234-YYYY-####
Then second store ID = 2345 then POS Invoice number will be PINV-2345-YYYY-####
But in this case I don’t want 1234/2345 to be hardcoded (fixed string) in the naming series.

Unfortunately, at this time, this is the only way to accomplish your required naming series goals. The concept of store ID is not yet built into ERPNext (at least in production released version).