POS Invoice status

I have a problem when making an entry from pos, after selecting the button pay I get a message to choose between printing the invoice or to make a new one. if I choose to print and after this, I check the sales invoices. I found that the invoice created from the pos have as a status: Draft. why it’s not submitted? Does anyone know the reason? and how can I submit the invoice directly when I click on pay in POS? and when I click from the message on print nothing happens why?

Whats the version you use?

version 9

In version 9 there were still problems with POS when you had it set to work in both online and offline mode. The payment function would fail to see the online connection and simply leave it as Draft until someone went back in an online mode via “Sales Invoice” to complete the transactions.

Dont remember if it is possible in v9 but forcing and Online Only setting would fix the issue. However, if you needed the offline mode then you were usually going to see this problem when it is enabled.

Probably not the answer you were hoping to find. Do some searches on the v9 POS issues and there might be a hidden work-around in one of those posts.


Is your stock settings set to allow negative inventory?
Do you have credit limit set for customers?

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