POS is showing a blank page

Hello, I am on Version 13.16.1 and I am having issues with the POS application. I have created a POS profile and when I try to open the POS, I see a blank page. I have attached a photo for reference. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
I have tried:

  1. Reloading the page from the drop menu
  2. Tried with several users

you are probably facing an error on the client side , try inspect elements , open the console page and try again . you should be able to see the error.

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I am seeing the following error in the console

Awesome . now you know what the problem is . did you solve it yet ?

No Iā€™m still trying to figure it out. Any suggestions?

okay then , what is the name of the file with the error ? (the one in yellow)

I have fixed the issue by using the following commands in the terminal

npm install vue
bench setup requirements
bench update --reset