Pos issuing credit note

Am ussing the lates version updated , in vm. When i try to issue a pos invoice i get a credit note instead of an invoice ,their is no option to change this. Pos config doesnt show it also.

Where do i find a way so the system produces invoices instead of credit note. also how do i make a daily closing of the pos and the bank deposit.for that closing.

Credit note means you charged extra amount to the client which is showing as credit note.

share 1 full invoice page (Not printed) to get a quick solution of your issue.


as u can see the sn not printed also.

not this printed invoice,

a screenshot of sales invoice (goto Sales Invoice → open any Invoice with credit note ) and take a screen shot, of that form.

it’ll give you complete details.

i dont get any more forms just that

click here and it’ll open a new form…share that form to get batter idea about it…

take multiple screenshots to get the full form here… error lies at the total Section. it could be rounding issue as well.

Write-off should be 0. you are writing off total bill and whatever customer is paying is kept as credit note.

check your POS profile settings and User settings. if you integrate it, you need to check your parameters.

will try right now,let u know asap

Yup that did that trick , it was the write off account in global setting that was not set. thanks for yur patience and help.

what about the serial number not printed in the ticket?