POS Item Display on v13.2.0 Not Working

Hello guys! I need some assistance with the native POS in ERPNext.

I just recently installed ERPNext on a new Ubuntu 20.04 server and have it running on two sites. I used the manual guide rather than use the Docker image.

Here is the output of bench version

~/frappe-bench$ bench version
erpnext 13.2.0
frappe 13.2.0

I created a few test items and gave them fake prices, to test out the POS on ERPNext, created a POS test profile,

but on launching the POS no item shows up https://vendani.datawisepro.com/app/point-of-sale. Has anyone else experienced this on v13.0.2 ?

Any assistance on how to go about solving this will be greatly appreciated.


Did you make sure the POS profile is drawing it’s inventory for sale from the warehouse that your products are assigned to? You must have inventory in the warehouse and the warehouse properly defined in the POS profile for it to work.

I know it sounds like a basic thing, but in testing this is often overlooked.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the assistance, I did take a closer look on how everything was set up but it still is not working.

Here is the balance for my warehouse


Here is my test POS profile with the warehouse with the above stock balance

But still it does not work.

I checked out the demo Frappe Cloud and followed how the POS is set up there but without success.

What am I missing?


Even I am facing this. If your items are non-stock ie (Maintain Stock is unchecked) then those are not been shown up in POS.

check maintain stock at item, then it will show up in POS.

Looks like this is a bug in V13.
This is a feature required for industries like Spas and Saloons where they only offer service and they don’t maintain stock.

The solution to this is performing an upgrade to the latest patch. That fixed the POS on my installations.