POS item name showing small part of actual item name

POS item name is showing very small part only instead of complete item name. POS person cannot identify the actual name of the item as its is to short while displaying on the cart after scanning the barcode.

Actually cart portion should be bigger as compared to the right part where items are showing.

While making POS setting as offline - Item name showing in two lines completely.

please suggest.

Can you please share the screenshots?

Given the limitation in the space allocated for each item, rendering very long Item Name can be challenging, hence it has to be truncated after a point.

How about updating the crisp Item Names, so that it renders completely and readable for the user as well.

Scree Shot when Account->POS Setting-> USe POS in offine mode - Selected

This one shows the complete item name in two lines.

Screen shot Scree Shot when Account->POS Setting-> USe POS in offine mode - Not Selected

Screenshot-2018-1-16 New Sales Invoice 1 - New Sales Invoice 1

this will show a part of item name.

I selected the same item in both scenario

Only when editing, it will truncate the under name. Once updated Item Name is shown again just fine.

That fine.But if a person is making sales via POS, they will usually do by scanning bar code. In that case they want which item it appear in the screen.

In my last message the first screen shot is clearly showing the item name in two lines. In the scenario the design of POS dashboard entirely different bcoz I selected POS in off-line mode.

But when I un select off-line mode option in POS the design comes with new features like increasing and decreasing quantity feature by + or - button etc…