POS - Item search issue

i have item name like
a)Tea Cake 1 Kg
b)Tea Cake 1/2 kg
c)Tea Cake 1/4 kg
d)Tea Cake Slice
… ect
all items first three letters are “TEA”
In item list i type te so i get all the items above mentioned
(please refer screen shoot 1)

Now amtrying to type “tea” only one item is coming
(please refer screen shot 2)

Filter is working for 2 character



Can you please share your app’s version details?

Version 9


Could you solve this!


Can you please check Is Sales Item is enabled for all the items which are not showing in the list

I have changed the query
in selling/page/point_of_sale/

function name “get_conditions”

‘%%s%%’ from this to

‘%s%%’ this

Thanks for your support