POS Item's picture not display


I am using from PC and Ipad for POS testing but having issue to display the pictures on IpadOS (from App).

The picture also working fine if using Safari from Ipad.

Does anyone having same issues?

Do you use safari or is it app based? Such info is quintessential in order to get a better/correct response.

@ene_sorin It is from App, thanks

I have update the questions as well.

It might be by default (bug).
Might also vary on what ios version you have.
Best way to DIY is to get the app sourcecode and build it for IOS with your custom stuff… but then you’ll run into a shetload of problems such as app not opening or logging even with the right auth credentials and can be really messy to work your way out.
You can fill as a app-bug if it won’t work by default (without any mods and just pics added to POS/item)
Also try to see if it works as designed into developer tools(any desktop browser) with device emulation.

Were the images uploaded as a different user? Maybe just check ownership/permissions on the public/private file subdirectory

Login with same user account.

I also just tested with Andriod app, which having same issue as well.