POS Master Sync Fails to Sync Items Imported using Bulk Import


I was testing item import on a demo test server. I imported 2500 items added default warehouse.

Next when in POS i cannot see those items. So I thought it is because they are not in stock in the warehouse.
So I added some items quantity in the warehouse and still cannot see those imported items in POS.

There seem to be no error at all.

Items fulfil all the criteria to appear in the POS Item List.
Stock available, correct warehouse.

Then I tried adding new Item manually using New and filled exact same fields like in bulk excel file.
and that item appear directly without even stock quantity added to the stock.

Any one else facing this issue ? I have around 15700 items to input. and it this face then I will be stuck.

Edit: Sorry found out the issue. Is sales item is not ticked by default :frowning:
Now will have to update all the items.

The “Is Sales” item button is probably not checked.

This happens sometimes when uploading items.

Check this and they will appear


Thanks Yes with is Sales item ticked.
It worked.