PoS Module - 3 Critical Issues

Hello Team ERPNext,

In line with the discussions in the previous threads, the following are the critical issues in the current PoS that makes it practically impossible to use by a real life retailer

  1. Cashier should not be able to submit PoS Invoices till the payment by tender is completed (Cash/Credit Card/Cheque). This is standard in all retail systems. Full payment must be made before submission and printing.

  2. Ability to have multiple profiles for each user, this will help multi location retailers

  3. The issue with invoice syncing should be solved and offline mode made optional as suggested

If these issues are solved, we can at least start using the module while we put money behind other features we would like to have to enhance the module more. And the Retail market is quite huge.

@rmehta and @JayRam again sorry for tagging you, but need to draw your attention while the topic is still hot


Have you raised GitHub issues for these? Have you summarized the major requirements or are there other requirements from other people from the previous thread?

If you haven’t raised GitHub issues, would you please do that?




GithHub issue raised Critical Fix needed in PoS Module · Issue #10305 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

However I only raised the first one as a fresh issue as the other two have already been raised as GtiHub issues and are been worked on.

Thank you

Instead of having multiple profiles for each user, each customer should be visible to each POS profile and load/edit items as per profile specifications. This would be the right way moving forward with multiple location retailers.

This is my thought related to POS…

The downside of POS module in ERPNext and maybe most web-base POS is not keyboard friendly. This is why most retailers still prefer traditional windows application.
The real PoS in the market should run even without mouse… Also barcode scanning to not depending on certain field focus… User should be able to scan barcodes wherever the cursor is… as far as app window is active.

PoS should run as easy and fast as possible

Hello dhav_d

I do not understand how your idea will help multi location retailers